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March 14, 2007

Garden State - 7

I think this is a great film on a few different levels. It can be viewed as a tale of the current malaise in our over-medicated culture, or as a study of relationships between parents and children, or simply as a story of existential angst that people feel in there 20's. Zach Braff has written and directed a funny, yet dramatic film about the intensity and pain of human relationships in a fragmented world. Often times we choose detachment rather than connection, and in the process lose "home." This film has some great dialogue about home, place, family, and forgiveness. As has been pointed out to me, it is somewhat of a quirky film, but the moments of honesty and insight make it a film I think is worth watching for almost anyone. It is a film that makes for great conversation (It also works in tandem with its unofficial sequel, The Last Kiss).
Here is what I wrote about the film when I first saw it two years ago.

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