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March 04, 2007

the test of a good film

Last week I saw three films for a second time (The Departed, The Last Kiss, and Babel). They were as good or better than the first time I saw them, and the conversations were key to making these films worth watching. I want to recommend them to you- with slight warnings so that you know what they are getting into. The Departed is quite violent; The Last Kiss has some nudity, as does Babel, which is a film that very much taps into human brokenness on a deep level- but if you watch closely you can find the love and hope that truly make the world go round. The final song of the film is so beautiful, I couldn't resist buying it on itunes (and posting a live performance below).

On a completely different note: my sister has started a blog (www.motherborn.blogspot.com) about being a mother...I'm not really much of the audience here, but if you are go visit, it is thoughtful stuff.

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