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January 02, 2007

Scotland, PA - 6

This is a very funny re-telling of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Writer/director Billy Morrissette tells it best in the Special Features: the inspiration for the film came to him when he was in high school reading the play and working at a fast food joint-where he had thoughts of killing his boss. Its a good thing he took it out on the written page instead. He also talks about how those that love Shakespeare and fight for it purity were not impressed, but high schooler's and stoners loved it.
In the small town of Scotland, PA Duncan's is the only fast food place (it's the 70's and Bad Company is the only music that exists in the town apparently) and a mutiny (revolution, overthrow) is soon to take place by Joe "Mac" Macbeth (James LeGros) and his girlfriend Pat Macbeth (Maura Tierney). This film is mostly a comedy, while also ending in the true Shakespearean tragedy that it is. Christopher Walken plays Lieutenant McDuff, who investigates the crime, and is the funniest character in the film.


chris said...

a six? you only gave this a six?

~greg said...

A seven was a little bit out of range for this film. Walken is great, but the other characters don't quite live up to a 7 rating. Still a ver well done and funny film.