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January 15, 2007

The Company - 6

It helped that I watched this with a friend who had grown up learning ballet. This film is a project of Neve Campbell (who spent a year retraining in ballet to play the part), who is also the main character of the film, and director Robert Altman. This film has Altman's signature overlapping dialogue which makes the film feel like it might be a documentary rather than a fictional account of the real Joffrey Ballet of Chicago (which worked with the film to make it). The film has very little plot, and instead focuses on the dynamic and politics involved in a ballet company. The best parts of the film are the full length performances, if you didn't already think this was an art, this film takes it to you to a new level. The film opened me up to a world I hadn't thought about, which was helped by the films somber and reflective tone.

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