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December 11, 2006

The School of Rock - 6

Jack Black is great as the pretend substitute teacher, who teaches what he knows- his own failed attempt to start a rock band. As a substitute (using his roommate's name and teacher certification), Dewey Finn, is inspired by his fourth-grade students musical abilities and makes up a rock band project for them so he (and them, if they must) can be in the city's battle of the bands competition. While the plot isn't particularly original (the usual teacher inspires students/precarious situation that could lead to a change or a catastrophe), the execution is great, with the kids almost stealing the show from Jack Black. It is a funny film and reminded me of my high school music teacher who thought it was important that we all know the history of rock and roll.


Anonymous said...

This is an enjoyable film, that's for sure. And any film that highlights the sexiness of Joan Cusack is A-OK in my book.

That said, while enjoyable the film never quite rises above its formulaic nature for me. That is, the Linklater's direction is fine, the kids are great, and Black's Black, but the story that they're confined to limits the potential of the fun here.

Using your scale, it'd get a 5 from me, since it works even as it doesn't work. ... yeah.


Jason said...

I agree totally with Paul. And Joan Cusack is definitely sexy. I thought I was the only one that thought that.