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August 24, 2006

The Mexican - 3

This is a light hearted romantic comedy/adventure film. It is hard to get away from the marketing of this film because Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts star, and are not exceptionally good. The film's main purpose is to amuse and make money. I understand that. I disagree, but I get it. I knew this going in, so it's mostly my fault. I spent two hours watching a film...I was amused, and fortunately I didn't have to pay anything because a friend owns the film. The major theme of the film is an attempt to recover a missing gun called the Mexican. Jerry has to go in order not to be killed by his mob bosses, his girlfriend is unconvinced and what's him to go to Vegas with her. She eventually gets taken in as a collateral and after a lot of dialogue dependent on psychobabble eventually ends up in Mexico saving his ass. Hopefully that is enough reasons to keep you from watching this film. If you are looking for a thinking break then this might be a sure bet (not sherbet, like the frozen dessert- that stuff is good).

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Jason said...

I've seen this movie twice and still can't recall what happened. Boring as hell.