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August 14, 2006

Angels in America - 6

Originally a play, HBO turned it into a 6 hour mini-series. Written by Tony Kushner (who also wrote the screen play for Munich), the film takes place in NYC and deals with the mid-80's AIDS crisis, specifically among homosexuals. One of the characters is based on lawyer Roy Cohn who was known as being heartless in court. He worked with McCarthy on the hunt for communists. The theme of the film is problem of evil and how God can allow for AIDS to happen to people. The explanation, in brief, is explained by angels that are attempting to convince God to return to his creation and be their salvation. God left during the earthquake in San Francisco on April 18, 1906. The film also explores issue of religion through one character who is a secular Jew and another who is Mormon. While in the end a little unsatisfying, the film is unique in its approach to life and the topic it is portraying (while probably sounding like Rent - this is much better). If you have the time and interest it is worth seeing. The score by Thomas Newman almost makes the film worth it by itself. The acting is well done by all, including Emma Thompson, Meryl Streep (both play multiple characters and engage in what can only be called inter-spiritual -woman and angel- sex. Yeah, a lot of lighting and not much physical contact since you were wondering), Al Pacino (great as Roy Cohn), and Jeffrey Wright.

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