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December 15, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven - 3

This film could have been interesting...if it had been mostly a completely different film. I'm no history major, but the historical errors, mostly in the dialogue is just horrible. The basic story of 1199, according to this film, is that Christians are generally nice people and would rather save lives than fight for Jerusalem, they would rather love Muslims than kill them. While this is a nice and generous view of Christianity, I think the historical record would show that this was probably not the case. This is also the case with the war strategies employed, they mine as well just have given them guns. The same could be said of the theology of the film, interesting, but probably more in tune with today's religious views than those of the last millennium. The acting is not very well done either in this film, and since they would rather not have Orlando Bloom talk, just stand there and look pretty, there are scenes that just don't make any sense. When every they are in a problem spot they solve it by throwing in a sword fight. Even Troy and Alexander were better films, and that isn't saying much.

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Jason said...

If Troy was a better film than this, there is no way on earth I plan to see it.