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December 20, 2005

Fever Pitch - 6

This is another Nick Hornby adaptation. He also wrote High Fidelity and About a Boy. The book uses Manchester United soccer team as the sports metaphor. This one uses the Curse of the Bambino (the Boston Red Sox). Jimmy Fallon plays the season ticket holder who falls for Drew Barrymore. The story has its ups and downs as baseball soon takes the place of relationship. It is really about sacrifice in relationships. Fallon is funny but this is not the role for him, he should go back to skits on SNL (sorry). Most of Hornby's work has some interesting and deep dialogue, this adaptation has so little as to make the film seem corny and formulaic. It is a decent film, but be alert to the more subtle points of the story.


lucas said...

the book, however, is fantastic

Keith Martel said...

high fidelity helped me to get married. about a boy helped me to grow up (a little)- but seeing jimmy fallen in a hornby piece (bleh).

BUT, when they adapt "How to be Good" I may be their on opening night.