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January 20, 2008

Waitress - 5

Add this film to the list of films about pregnancy released in 2007 (Knocked Up, Bella, Juno, 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days). The main character here is Jenna (Keri Russell) She is a seasoned waitress in a small town whose passion is making pies at her job, but she has little control over her life. Her husband is very possessive, and Jenna hides her tips in an attempt to change her life by running away. In the process she falls for her gynecologist and shares her life with two quirky co-workers. In the end she discovers what she really loves- making pies. She learns that she does not need to depend on others to define her, rather she takes up her responsibility as a mother- her daughter depends on her. And she wants to start over and do things right. It is a romantic story, that is it stays away from being to realistic and is overly hopeful about the possibilities for Jenna (true or not I wouldn't know, but it seems somewhat unbelievable). Russell's acting is good, but the other characters seem to exaggerated.

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