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January 29, 2008

The King of Kong - 6

Donkey Kong is a big deal! Ok, it's a bigger deal after seeing how much politics, egos, and competition there is for the all-time record score. This documentary follows Steve Wiebe adventure in gaming. Having been laid off of work in 2004, Wiebe decided to practice and aim for beating the 20+ year world record on Donkey Kong. What makes this film compelling is the characters that make up the intense subculture of video-gaming. What gives this seemingly innocent story interest and conflict is the dynamic and larger-than-life personality of Billy Mitchell. While he has gone on to start a hot-sauce empire, he continues to define himself by his original record, set in 1982, and his vast knowledge of gaming. The film hinges on the tension of a possible conspiracy to keep Mitchell's record safe in the hands of Twin Galaxies, which keeps the official records on video game records. A fun and informative film to watch, and you may find yourself entering a discussion on gaming that you couldn't even imagine.

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