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May 21, 2007

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

The liner notes reads: "...we wanted to create something that maintained the integrity of the band's personality, but pushed boundaries." According to their own standard this album fails. In a half-hearted attempt to mature with their audience they have added a few unneeded f-bombs (getting their first Parental Advisory sticker). While the band has been labeled safe, yet angry Nu metal, on this album they sound more like they were inspired by the likes of Nickelback- as most of the songs have a faux rage about them, horribly vague and meaningless lyrics, and are mostly ballad-y. While their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, had more depth than their contemporaries, Minutes does not push any boundaries musically or lyrically, and yet it is quite listenable. The guitar chord progressions and beats are not irritating to the ears, rather they soothe the listener into catchy and forgettable melodies. They have eliminated all MC work and added "innovative" hand claps.
Contemporary Christian Music is often critiqued for being a cheap rip off of mainstream culture, this album listens like Linkin Park has knocked off CCM/American Idol as safe music in order to increase its fan base. The song "What I've Done" fits easily into this category, while "Given Up," just doesn't make much sense. I guess this is what is meant when someone says that "art got compromised/pressured by The Industry." Linkin Park may have retained their personality, but they have lost all authenticity.


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Tala Azar said...

unrelated: i like the quote at the bottom of your blog.
and i'm surprised by your rating of Spider-man 3. i didn't like it at allll. i think it was a flop.