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April 15, 2007

Grindhouse - 5

Grindhouse is more a description of an experience/event than a film really. Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and Quentin Tarantino wanted to share their experience when they were young and would sneak into R-rated B-movies; the Grindhouse. Grindhouse starts with Rodriguez's Planet Terror- which is basically a film about bio-terrorism that is turning a small town next to a military base into zombies. The only thing to say- the blood flies and the character development it not anything you haven't seen before (which is the point). This segment is a blow-stuff-up-spectacular. Tarantino's segment is called Death Proof and is an homage to films like Vanishing Point, the dialogue is somewhat heavy handed as it is trying to tell the audience lots of stuff they don't know (Tarantino is a pop culture junkie). The plot is pretty non-existent- and the film is provides the opportunity to show long car chases. The two segments are separated by a few fake previews, which are actually quite funny. Rose McGowan stars in both segments, one in which she has a gun as a prosthetic leg.