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April 07, 2007

Beerfest - 2

The writers and director of this film...oh and all the rest of crew (actors with no career in front of them) too, come to think of it, must have gotten really wasted when they thought this was a good idea for a film. Some of the jokes are funny early on, but the film drags on, and falls to the same flaws as most comedies, the story needs to be told- and no one has thought about how to go about this until about halfway through filming. Wedding Crashers has some of these same issues, the story has to be made coherent from the backside of the film rather than developing out of the characters and the story so far. If you want to see something funny and aren't worried about coherence, watch about the first hour of this film and then just make up the rest of the film on your own. Or completely disregard this review since I was sober while watching it.

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