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October 17, 2006

a cure for malaise

"Some music a day, keeps the malaise away." I figured it was about time to get to the second word in the title of this blog... (its become obvious that Keith's advice got a little out of hand on the first:-). I really do think that there is something about music that gets at a core part of our being, I'm not so good at describing it, but sometimes you just hear something good, and it changes your whole attitude and disposition... Just as film gets at the stories of the human condition, music has effects on our human condition, and sometimes it can reach toward the transcendent.
I have decided, somewhat in the vein of Keith and Jason's blog for a year, that I would attempt to put more music up on this site. I also discovered pandora.com (works on Internet Explorer, rather than Firefox, btw) over the weekend and heard some cool new tunes (Hat tip to Chris over at Culture. ish.). Pandora is an online radio station program where you type in an artist of song that you like and it plays songs by that artist and others who are similar, it also explains why they are similar. It already made me buy three new CD's from Amazon (I'll write about those when they come in the mail). So over the next while I will try to make suggestions about music that has changed my day, even if for just a little bit. It will probably end up being a few artists a week.

Today's featured artist is: Dave Barnes. I actually heard about him from Infuze Magazine, an online journal. He is similar in some ways to John Mayer- a sort of pop-folk sensibility. make the station on pandora and you get some interesting stuff...well, OK, stuff that I enjoy.

Later: just found out that he is coming to Geneva College later this year...don't know the date.

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