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October 06, 2006

Edmond - 5

Having just finished reading Walker Percy's The Moviegoer, I can see the influence of it on this David Mamet screenplay. William H. Macy plays a middle-aged man who takes a fortune tellers word that he is not where he belongs and proceeds to leave his wife, and look for a way out of his loneliness and malaise. It turns out much more tragically for Edmond Burke than for Jack Bolling. Edmond never really finds what he is looking for, and he ends up alienated by everyone and everything, mostly because of the anger and frustration that come out of his search. In the end, a rather good film as a character study with lots of allusions to how close Edmond might be to resolution only to have Fortune cause him to stumble. (While I love Macy as an actor this is not his best work.)

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