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July 10, 2006

JFK - 7

This is a long film (3 and a half hours). It also stars Kevin Costner as, the main character- New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. Usually that is a bad sign, but in this case he is decent. It is really to story that is the most intriguing. It is basically an investigation into the assassination of JFK. The reason the subject can get so much mileage is that the government files concerning the case have been sealed until 2029. So regardless how useless that information may turn out to be, or how valuable is mere speculation. Although Oliver Stone makes a great case that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the lone gunman, and may have been innocent all together. Regardless of whether you think this is just a wacky conspiracy theory the film works well as a mystery story with realistic characters. The dialogue about the "military-industrial complex," as well as "national security" as major factors in his assassination and possible coverup are well done, and seem relevant to today's politics and culture. Some of the dialogue is also hard to catch because there is so much information and names packed into it. It will be interesting to see Stone's next attempt at telling history (Alexander = thumbs way down) in World Trade Center, out in August.

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