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July 22, 2006

Coffee and Cigarettes - 5

This film doesn't really have a narrative. Directed by Jim Jurmusch it is a series of scenes in which two or three people interact over coffee and cigarettes, or if they are British - tea. Some are just funny and random, others are intricate and complex, the last one being just existential and otherworldly (the shot implies that the old man has died). The vignettes that are really the best are: Cate Blanchett playing herself and her cousin in the same scene in which they talk about Hollywood celebrity, and Bill Murray, who also plays himself as a waiter in a restaurant where the Wu Tang Clan (GZA and RZA) is drinking organic tea and talking alternative medicine. The best acting actually comes in a scene between Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan. And The White Stripes should probably stick with playing music, acting isn't their game.

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