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February 26, 2008

The Flight of the Conchords - 7

Fun. Crazy fun. This HBO comedy series follows Bret and Jermaine (Eagle vs Shark) as they move to New York from New Zealand and try to get their career as a band going. With the "competent" help of Murray, who manages the band on the side from his New Zealand consulate office, they have one obsessive fan, Mel, and a small apartment. But they have yet to get a gig...well unless you count a show in the shady bar of a motel near the New Jersey Airport or "a" central park in New York. The Conchords sing about everyday things like falling in love, breaking up (and they are definitely not crying about it), and how computers are taking over the world (binary solo!). Plenty of humor also comes from the misunderstanding that they are from England or Australia. Each episode has a song or two integrated into the simple plot. Not only are they funny, but they are creative and catchy (check out some of the songs here). The first season has 12 episodes- it is worth checking out.

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