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December 28, 2007

"2007's best films"

Comment Magazine has posted my best films of 2007 (at the end of the article they have provided very helpful links to my blog posts about each film). All of the films I mention are currently available on DVD. I tried to pick films in many different genres so there should be something for all kinds of viewers.

Here are a few more films that will be worth checking out in theaters or when they become available on DVD.
Michael Clayton
Across the Universe
American Gangster
The Darjeeling Limited
No Country For Old Men

I am looking forward to seeing There Will Be Blood, Atonement, and Juno soon.


Adam said...

I'm excited about Persepolis. (As well as Juno and a few others.)

~greg said...

That one also looks intriguing.

Leanne said...

I somehow randomly found your blog ... and since you appear to have the same musical taste as I do, I figured I would check your "best films" out ... and fantastic choices! I'm especially glad you recognized Once. If you haven't seen Juno yet, it's a must see. The dialogue along with the character dynamics make for an amazing film.