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November 22, 2007

The Apple Dumpling Gang - 7

This is a classic film from my childhood. A rather comedic and children's western, the story involves three children who are inherited by Mr. Donovan, who unknowingly agrees to pick the kids up as a "delivery." The three children then accidentally stumble on gold in the mine that belonged to their father, this soon turns the town upside down as the children are fought over but become attached to Mr. Donovan and Dusty- a female stage coach driver that helps take care of them. The real hilarity is a side story about two incompetent bad guys named Theodore (Don Knotts) and Amos (Tim Conway), who want to rob the bank, but end up in outrageous situations. The best is when they steal a ladder from the local firehouse. It is a fun film, where justice and family win out over the chaos and destruction that might be possible in the new frontier of the west.

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