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October 14, 2007

You Kill Me - 4

This film is a pseudo-mafia film- heavy on the sentimental finding oneself theme. Frank (Ben Kingsley) is a hit-man for his mafia family, but has a drinking problem which sometimes interferes with getting the job done. So his uncle (Philip Baker Hall) sends him to San Fransisco to get sober, here he meets Laurel (Téa Leoni) Tom and (Luke Wilson) falling in love and getting a mentor to become sober. Frank moves from his stubborn ways to get sober and finds he is better able to do his work. Yeah, its supposed to be ironic. The only thing worth seeing here are the good performances by Kingsley and Leoni. Or better yet check out their other films (Sexy Beast, House of Sand and Fog, Spanglish, etc).

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