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February 08, 2007

The OH in Ohio - 4

This film tries to be as honest as possible about sex. The story revolves around a long married couple, Priscilla (Parker Posey) and Jack (Paul Rudd), that is sexually frustrated because Priscilla is unable to reach orgasm. Jack ends up having a fling with a high school student (Mischa Barton) in his biology class, and Priscilla figures she is better off alone, and ends up finding a chance at love with Wayne (Danny DeVito). The film has its honest moments where the characters start to realize the power and meaning of their own sexuality, but as the story moves on it fails to develop, and then it suddenly ends as if the characters and director got bored. The film's best points are that the comedy comes from the non-cliche sex jokes, that most other films end lowering themselves to (if nothing else you learn something about anatomy, thankfully without the visuals).

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